QBE Home Insurance Coverage Highlight

QBE Hong Kong is pleased to share that our Home Insurance Policy provides valuable cover via section 21. Temporary accommodation.

Unlike traditional home insurance in which physical loss &/ or damage to your property is required before other benefits under the policy can be claimed. This benefit is useful when the insured location has been ordered to be evacuated by a public or statutory authority, other body, entity or person so empowered by law due to contamination of human infectious or contagious disease for limit up to 10% of the Sum Insured and for up to 30 days. QBE has provided a unique feature to ease customers’ financial burden in case they have to find temporary accommodation in this challenging time.


Q I was being evacuated from my home by the authorities last night because there was a resident diagnosed with an infectious disease.  Police cordoned the area and denied access for all residents.  Building management has advised that they are preparing to have an intensive cleaning and thorough disinfection in communal areas of the estate and informed all residents to find other accommodation in the meantime. What can I do? 
 A The QBE Home policy provides you with an unique feature to ease your financial burden to find temporary accommodation in the above example.  You can claim for the expenses incurred when staying in temporary accommodation such as hotel up to 10% of the Sum Insured and for up to 30 days, as specified under your QBE Policy. 

Please refer to the policy wording for specific coverage details and the limit of the benefit as specified in the selected plan under the policy. For enquiries, please feel free to reach out to your Manulife agent.

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