Partner API Onboarding Process

Our APIs enable you to integrate QBE’s insurance solutions into your website, application, or portal. Please follow these steps to partner with us:

  1. Discover our Partner API product offerings
  2. Reach out to HK_API@qbe.com to explore QBE product features and partnership terms
  3. Complete QBE Vendor Cyber Assessment and sign off QBE Terms and Conditions
  4. After the assessment is reviewed and approved by QBE Cyber Security, participate in a walkthrough/demo of the QBE APIs
  5. Provide your IP address range and other details for access and credential setup
  6. Start using the QBE APIs and begin integration into your website, application, or portal
  7. Launch your product and track performance
  8. Get support from QBE for any clarification when needed

Frequently Asked Questions

QBE APIs enable you to rate quote, issue quote, issue policy, retrieve policy, etc. for a wide range of personal line products. Partners can integrate with QBE APIs to deliver instant insurance cover to customers through their website, application, or portal.

QBE API-enabled products currently include Private Motor, Single Trip and Annual Travel, Home, Domestic Helper, and Personal Accident.

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