Enjoy speed and convenience at your fingertips with eClaims

Enjoy speed and convenience at your fingertips with eClaims

The need for convenience and speed has never been more apparent than now as people and businesses try to settle into the new norm as fast as possible.
This understanding drove us at QBE Hong Kong to fast track our claims digitalisation journey to deliver a seamless and convenient digital claims experience to our customers 24/7 at their fingertips.
With the eClaims portal, our customers can now perform claims submission, view, edit and check their claims status anytime, anywhere, at their convenience. Instant confirmation will be sent immediately upon receipt of a claims submission and payment will be made via bank transfer - the entire process is efficient, direct and contactless.
The results show that our customers are loving the experience, and we are excited to continue evolving our digital offerings to better serve our customers.

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