Making digital the heart of everything that we do

Making digital the heart of everything that we do

Insurance is a customer-centric business. With the pandemic necessitating an acceleration in digitalisation, our focus on providing seamless and convenient digital experiences for our customers continues.  

Claims is one of the most important customer touchpoints, it is the moment of truth, where we can exhibit our duty of care and support. We understand our customers’ pain points and it’s our commitment to provide a seamless claims process that will help them get back on their feet quickly. We’ve implemented e-claims across more product categories, so that our customers can benefit from an enhanced, “no-touch” claims experience.

It’s about ‘real time’ connections and QBE enables digital to be more accessible during every step of the customer journey. Automating the claims process allows our people to spend more time with customers that have more complexed claims – where the human touch is truly needed.

With 2021 earmarked for digitalisation, our goal is to stay on this track, and roll out e-claims fully across both personal and commercial lines. Through this, we hope to strengthen our digital core and branch out into driving digital adoption across the rest of our business.
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