We are in the business of managing risk. We understand risk and, in an increasingly volatile world, we believe our ability to manage risk makes it possible for things to happen.

  • We make it possible for our customers to turn their business ambitions and plans into reality.
  • We make it possible for our people to realize their ability and ultimate potential.
  • We make it possible for our shareholders to grow their wealth.
  • We make it possible for the communities in which we operate to develop, grow and progress.

Our strategic mission

Our strategic mission is to have a solid global overlay that makes us think and act as ONE company.

ONE QBE speaks to our desire to adopt a consistent and aligned approach to the way we manage, grow and build our business around the globe.

Our goal is to become ONE QBE.

Our values

ONE QBE is also an acronym for the six values that drive the day-to-day behavior of our people, which underpins our strategic mission.

Our ONE QBE values are:

  • Open Minded
  • Networked
  • Empowered
  • Quality Approach
  • Business Acumen
  • Excellent Outcomes

ONE QBE, and the six values it represents, is the common thread that makes us ONE team of people whenever and wherever we do business in the world.