Multi-family Dwelling Unit apartments/single family home HO4 program

QBE has developed an enhanced, state of the art offering designed specifically for tenants, which makes the process easy and affordable for tenants while meeting lease requirements for insurance.

  • Eligibility: all tenants are approved through a non-underwritten and streamlined process
  • Affordable Preferred Rates and competitive premiums
  • Coverages: in addition to contents, liability, water damage and more, QBE is one of the first in the MDU industry to bring an Electronic Protection Program

Are you a property manager or agent serving property managers? Contact Nelson Townes to learn about how QBE can help you ensure your tenants have access to affordable high quality insurance products through the QBE Renters Portal.

QBE Renters Portal

The QBE Renters Portal provides easy access to our products with built in functionality for agents, property managers and tenants. It is a “white label” solution that can be easily customized, accessible by tenants and property managers.

Florida Hurricane Mitigation Discount: As a policyholder in the state of Florida, you may be eligible for hurricane mitigation discounts if your residence contains certain features or construction techniques designed to reduce damage caused by hurricane winds. Click here for more information concerning hurricane mitigation discounts.

Oregon Wildfire Risk Mitigation: Wildfire risk is not considered in the rating or underwriting of QBE renters’ products. Therefore, rating and underwriting decisions for QBE Renters products are not impacted by wildfire risk mitigation actions.