• Minimum group size of 35 lives
  • PPO, UR and large-case management program credits and referrals
  • Consultative pricing including aggregating specific deductible options
  • Rate stability product (no new laser)
  • Market-competitive excess loss contract
  • Specific advance reimbursement

Specific coverage

Customized stop loss is provided to address the employer's exposure to
high-cost medical expenses on a covered individual.

  • Specific deductibles range from $15,000 to $1 million
  • Annual maximums available: up to unlimited
  • Unlimited lifetime maximums
  • Contract basis: 12/12, 12/15, 12/18, 12/24, 14/12, 15/12, 18/12, 24/12 and PAID
  • Coverage options available: medical, RX

Aggregate coverage

Aggregate stop loss coverage limits the employer's overall annual cost for a self-funded plan. This coverage addresses the accumulation of expenses on all individuals (as opposed to high expenses for particular individuals).

  • Competitive attachment points
  • Per-policy period maximum available: $1 million
  • Contract basis: 12/12, 12/15, 12/18, 14/12, 15/12, 18/12, 24/12 and PAID
  • Coverage options available: medical, RX, dental, vision and WDI

Risk Management

QBE A&H has incorporated pricing credits into our stop loss underwriting model to reward business partners who successfully communicate with our Risk Management team. We continue to be an industry leader in cost containment techniques that produce real savings to the client. These efforts result in stop loss pricing stability.

Optional coverage

  • Aggregating specific
  • Specific terminal liability
  • Aggregate accommodation
  • Aggregate terminal liability

Value-added services

  • Consultative underwriting and marketing services
  • Internal claims re-pricing services
  • Risk management oversight programs
  • On-site technical and clinical expertise
  • Specific advance reimbursement


A&H Capabilities brochure (pdf)

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