Our team of underwriters specialize in all elements of self-funding, including:

  • Risk evaluation
  • Industry regulations
  • Market conditions 
  • Medical and scientific advances

Their expertise enables us to assist our partners in pricing risks fairly and accurately. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and history to our consultative underwriting process.

Request for submission should include:

  • Legal name of the employer
  • Location of the group (city, state, ZIP)
  • Effective date
  • Due date
  • Specific deductible (current and proposed)
  • Contract type (current and proposed)
  • Commission level
  • Current census (including year of birth, sex and type of coverage – designate Cobra, retirees and disabled)
  • If the employer has multiple locations, include the number of employees in each location with corresponding ZIP code
  • Nature of business and/or SIC code
  • Schedule of current and proposed benefits, if different.  Note which coverages are to be included under the specific and aggregate contracts
  • Monthly paid claims and enrollment
  • Current and/or renewal rates
  • If fully insured with no paid claims experience, provide current and renewal fully insured rates on groups up to 250 lives
  • Shock claims in excess of 50% of the current deductible and any serious ongoing condition including diagnosis/prognosis
  • Network and UR facility (if multiple networks, please specify by location)
  • Note the current PPO network if different than the proposed
  • Ancillary coverages requested (e.g. Aggregate Accommodation, Terminal Liability or Aggregating Specific)
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