At QBE, our purpose is enabling a more resilient future. 

We want to give you the confidence the achieve your ambitions inside and outside of work. From development opportunities, to flexible work options and highly competitive reward and benefits packages, we understand the importance of adhering to our QBE DNA when it comes to our people.

Because we understand that our people are at the center of our success, QBE supports our employees in achieving their career ambitions. To help our people unlock a future full of opportunities, we have tools and resources designed to support our employees’ development.

  • Access to e-learning platforms for all employees interested in self-directed learning
  • Opportunity to attain professional and/or technical certifications, including insurance designations
  • Programs that address leadership skills for new and emerging people leaders:
    • Leadership Essentials targets new managers to equip them with the skills needed to foster a high-performing culture. This program enables leaders to lead and support their teams more effectively.
    • Women in Agribusiness focuses on the business environment as it is experienced by women. The program challenges conventional thinking, develops mindsets and advances leadership skills.


At QBE, we know culture isn’t static. We are continually focused on building a workplace culture that best supports our people and represents our business and the world around us. An integral part of this work is to foster an environment where everyone feels safe to speak up, where we embrace diversity in every aspect, and where there is a balanced emphasis not just on what we do but also how we go about doing it.

Our culture is underpinned by our QBE DNA – seven interlinking elements that describe who we are and how we operate. When we show up for ourselves, each other and our stakeholders, we are …


Diversity and Inclusion at QBE

Our approach to Inclusion of Diversity sets out our expectations for how we interact with each other, and our aspiration to be a positive influence for the inclusion of diversity beyond the boundaries of the organization.

We have a broad view of diversity that includes the ways people are visibly and invisibly different. This definition encompasses all demographic characteristics of diversity, including gender and gender identity, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marriage, pregnancy, and parental/caring responsibilities. We go beneath what’s visible too, to include all the deeper ways we are diverse including values, experiences, perspectives, expertise, knowledge and ideas.

We are proud to be recognized for creating a diverse and inclusive organization:

  • 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
  • S&P Global’s 2023 Sustainability Yearbook
  • Equileap’s Top 100 companies for Gender Equality

If you’d like to learn more about QBE North America’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives, download our Culture Fact Sheet