The construction industry is challenged by a multitude of unique and ever evolving risks, including a skilled labor shortage, cybersecurity threats, supply chain disruption, increasing material costs, the potential for worker injuries and new exposures that come with the integration of new technologies.

To help better understand these issues, QBE is pleased to offer the 2024 Commercial Construction Risk Report, with timely information about the risks commercial construction companies are facing today and will face in the future.

Key Findings

The risks keeping our survey respondents up at night are also the risks they are least prepared for, signaling a pressing need for enhanced risk mitigation strategies.

2024 Construction Risk Report chart

The results suggest that while respondents are worried about these exposures and threats to their business, they remain least prepared to manage the potential impact and loss from these risks.

This issue is particularly true for mid-sized commercial construction companies, which often operate with less financial capacity than their larger counterparts. Such companies may not have the resources to address certain exposures or the financial reserves to absorb the disruption and significant losses caused by some risks.

Learn more about our findings, what they mean for the industry and how to mitigate some of the biggest risks in the 2024 Commercial Construction Report.