Aviation contacts

General correspondence & submissions
Atlanta: QBE-FLYATL.US-BOX@us.qbe.com
Dallas: QBE-FLYDAL.US-BOX@us.qbe.com
Seattle: QBE-FLYSEA.US-BOX@us.qbe.com
Chicago: QBE-FLYCHI.US-BOX@us.qbe.com

To report a claim
Email: QBE-AviationClaims-FNOL.US-BOX@us.qbe.com

Billing contact
Any questions regarding your invoice or this payment service should be directed to a billing representative. You can reach one at 800.609.0401, Monday through Friday between 7am - 6pm, Central Time.


Head of Aviation
Dave Watkins, SVP
Direct: 303.338.2418
Mobile: 303.960.5867   

Head of Aviation Claims
Nelson Camacho, VP
Direct: 212.805.9855
Mobile 646.315.4404

Head of General Aviation
Lamont Rosemond, VP
Direct: 770.303.2719
Mobile: 770.712.5115

Head of Major Risk (Airlines, Products, Airports)
Gregg Strange, VP
Mobile: 727.277.1848

Regional Contacts

East South Central West
Robin Couch
VP, Underwriting
Direct: 770.303.2707
Mobile: 770.316.9544 
Fernando Monroy
VP, Underwriting
Direct: 972.398.8742
Mobile: 830.928.4141
Kevin Hughes
AVP, Underwriting
Direct: 425.945.5372 
Mobile: 678.925.5375 

Aviation Workers' Compensation
Email: AviationWorkersCompensationSupport.US-BOX@us.qbe.com