Aviation contacts

General Correspondence & Submissions:
Atlanta: QBE-FLYATL.US-BOX@us.qbe.com
Dallas: QBE-FLYDAL.US-BOX@us.qbe.com
Seattle: QBE-FLYSEA.US-BOX@us.qbe.com
Chicago: QBE-FLYCHI.US-BOX@us.qbe.com

To report a claim:
Email: QBE-AviationClaims-FNOL.US-BOX@us.qbe.com

Billing contact:
Any questions regarding your invoice or this payment service should be directed to a billing representative. You can reach one at 800.609.0401, Monday through Friday between 7am - 6pm, Central Time.


Steven Allen, Esq., SVP, Head of Aviation
Direct: 770.794.6402

Peter Guy, VP, Head of Aviation Claims
Direct:770.794.6413 Mobile: 404.991.0803

Claims Team

To report a claim:

Josh Wilcoxon, Regional Claims Mgr.
Direct: 770.794.6404 Mobile: 770.880.3711

Nelson Camacho, Regional Claims Mgr.
Direct: 212.805.9855 Mobile: 646.315.4404

Ward Copley, Regional Claims Mgr.
Direct: 469.369.7638 Mobile: 469.369.7638

Jason Evangelou, Regional Claims Mgr.
Mobile: 303.880.7689

Portia Butsko, Vertical Claims Manager
Direct 770.794,6436 Mobile: 404.520.8327

Atlanta Underwriting Team

Corporate and Commercial   Workers Compensation

Dave Gray
VP, Branch Manager
Direct: 770.794.6411 Mobile: 404.539.2400

Brian Neal
VP, Head of Aviation Workers
Direct: 770. 794.6431 Mobile: 770.548.3044

 Scott Stewart
Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 770. 794. 6410 Mobile: 770. 548.1893

 Michael Lumpkin
Direct: 770.794.6412 Mobile: 770.547.0367

 Kristina Mulligan
Direct: 770.794.6415
 John Carroll
Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 770.794.6412 Mobile: 770.547.5296
 Shantell Kornegay
Sr. Underwriting Assistant
Direct: 770.794.6432
 Carissa Lampkin
Associate Underwriter
Direct: 770. 794.6424
 Kendra Hall
Sr. Underwriting Assistant
Direct: 770.794.6426
 Pleasure & Business Special Risks (Airports, Government Entities) 
 Julian Galvis
AVP, Underwriter Manager
Direct: 770.794.6406 Mobile: 770.363.7924

 Vicki Hall
Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 770.794.6418 Mobile: 770.547.7370

 Sandy Gagnon
Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 770.794.6430


 Tonya Darnaby
St. Underwriting Assistant
Direct: 770.794.6409

  Major Risks (Airlines, Products and Airports) 

William Harwell
VP. Underwriting Leader
Direct: 770.303.2741 Mobile: 770.315.7549



Dallas Underwriting Team

Corporate and Commercial  Pleasure and Business: 
John Singer
AVP, Branch Manager
Direct: 972.664.7028 Mobile: 903.274.7365
Emily Morris
Direct: 972.664.7022 Mobile: 214.801.5550
Fernando Monroy
Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 972.398.8742 Mobile: 880.928.4141
Clearneise Hunter
Administrative Assistant
Direct: 972.664.0782
Vincent Turriziani
Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 972.398.8474 Mobile: 415.205.6784
Sandie White
Business Support Supervisor
Direct: 972.664.7056 Mobile: 214.934.8798
Kristen Zadina
Associate Underwriter
Direct: 972.664.7012
New York Underwriting Team

Corporate & Commercial Manufacturers Products Liability:

Greg Dekker, VP, Branch Manager
Direct: 646.341.8038 Mobile: 347.446.1417


Seattle Underwriting Team

Corporate & Commercial:

Eric Roycroft, AVP, Branch Manager
Direct: 425.945.5850 Mobile: 206.859.8139

Kevin Hughes, Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 425.945.5372

Kristina Orcutt, Sr. Underwriter
Mobile: 480.298.3319

Nerissa Bonner, Associate Underwriter
Direct: 425.945.5849


Chicago Underwriting Team

Corporate & Commercial:

Kate Rouker, AVP, Branch Manager
Direct: 312.803.3526 Mobile 312.508.9992

Todd May, Sr. Underwriter
Direct: 312.803.3999