We empower each other to succeed by cultivating a work environment where everyone belongs and can grow, develop and thrive. Our dynamic workplace supports our people to achieve their ambitions, and we are proud of our contribution to strengthening the communities where we do business.  We hold our leaders accountable for achieving a diverse talent mix and ensuring our company is the best representation of our customers, our industry, and the communities where we live and work.
QBE multicultural and inclusive extension

MIX - Multicultural & Inclusive eXtension

MIX’s mission is to create an inclusive workplace environment that enables cultural awareness and respect and allows people to thrive while supporting individual growth. MIX amplifies QBE culture in the workplace and in the communities it serves through engagement, promotion and programming that fosters cultural awareness and communication.

Organizations supported include: 

QBE Pride

Pride - Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and Allies

Pride's mission is oo promote a positive and inclusive work environment for QBE’s LGBTQIA+(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Allies) employees and build a supportive and affirming atmosphere to drive continuous improvements in company policies and the work environment. Pride offers networking opportunities and advances innovative ideas to drive awareness of the QBE brand within the LGBTQ community.

Organizations supported include: 
Outreach, Inc.
Trinity Place Shelter
Madison Area Technical College
Proud Theatre

QBE for sustainability

Q4S -QBE for Sustainability

Q4S is an employee network striving to foster a culture of sustainability within our company and the communities in which we live and work. Our focus is building a resilient and sustainable organization, environment, population, and future.

We are an inclusive network and invite collaboration with anyone interested in the topics of resiliency, sustainability and the intersection of the two. We believe collaboration is necessary to make lasting improvements to the resiliency and sustainability of QBE, its customers and employees, and the earth on which it operates.

Organization supported include:
RETI Center
One Tree Planted
Kiss the Ground

QBE Valor

Valor - Veterans

Valor’s mission is to foster a respectful and inclusive environment that welcomes QBE veterans, military-affiliated employees, and job seekers. Valor’s goal is to identify and address challenges, such as veteran/military-affiliated recruitment and retention and drive improvements in company policies and the work environment to meet those challenges. 

Organizations supported include: 
The Four Block Foundation
Wounded Warrior Project

QBE Women's initiative network

WIN - Women's Initiative Network

The Women's Initiative Network (WIN) will build an inclusive community that raises awareness of and works to remove workplace and societal barriers faced by women, and offers development, resources, networking, and mentoring opportunities to WIN Members and Our People.

Organizations supported include: 
New Women New Yorkers
Reach Dane
Grameen Foundation

QBE WorkAbiity


Workability’s mission is to promote awareness of and celebrate people with disabilities, chronic conditions, neurodivergences, their caregivers and allies. WorkAbility also promotes mental health awareness. Through education and advocacy, we enable a respectful and supportive environment for our colleagues and communities to help individuals meet their full potential and bring their whole and authentic selves to the workplace.

Organizations supported include:
Autism Speaks
Adapted Sports League with SPASD