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QBE Assessment Tool to Help Customers Evaluate Sustainability Risks

NEW YORK, NY, June 4, 2021 – Today’s businesses are being held accountable to a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors regarding their approach to emerging environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

As we celebrate World Environment Day 2021, QBE North America is pleased to announce the QBE Sustainability Self–Assessment tool, to help businesses better understand their impact on the environment and how they can make improvements.

The realities of climate change are being brought to light, fueling an increased emphasis on ESG issues, which is compelling many risk managers to consider such risks for the first time. This is causing some risk managers to alter their strategies without knowing where to start. The QBE Sustainability Self-Assessment tool can help.

“The QBE Sustainability Self-Assessment tool is an exciting effort for QBE because it enables us to share our passion and expertise for sustainability with our customers,” said Dan Moore, Chief Operating Officer. “As an organization, we have been focused for some time on sustainable business practices and making a positive contribution to the societies, economies and communities in which we operate.”
“External parties have increasing interest in the ESG approaches of the companies they do business with,” said Paul Isaac, Senior Vice President of Risk Solutions, QBE North America. “Today, there is a broader understanding of the impact of mishandling ESG risks and it’s clear that how a company operates can have a major impact on both its reputation and its performance.” 

With the QBE Sustainability Self-Assessment tool, customers are asked a series of questions about their business and industry in an online easy-to-use format. Upon completion, customers receive a comprehensive, customized sustainability assessment report, outlining:

  • Environmental impacts to their business
  • Key sustainability motivations
  • The biggest sustainability challenges facing the organization
  • Foundations of sustainability
  • Sustainability recommendations across facilities, employee behavior, supply chain, marketing, and communication

The QBE Sustainability Self-Assessment tool is available through participating QBE broker partners or can be requested from QBE directly via QBE Risk Solutions Center

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