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QBE North America Kicks Spring Off with Top Tips to Prepare and Protect Businesses

NEW YORK, NY, March 23, 2022 — Spring is officially here, bringing its own set of potential risks for businesses. This year it is predicted that spring will see an increase in severe weather, including potential thunderstorms, tornadoes and even hurricanes, according to Accuweather. In fact, 2021 was the third most active Atlantic Hurricane Season on record and the National Hurricane Center began assessing moving up the official start of the season due to increased threats happening earlier each year. With that in mind, QBE North America is sharing a list of top tips to help business owners predict, prepare, and protect throughout the season.  

“Being aware of the current state of your business, identifying potential risks and addressing vulnerabilities will better prepare business owners should something go wrong,” said Jan Young – Vice President, Loss Control Leader, Risk Solutions, QBE North America. “Having a plan in place at the start of each season will not only help minimize loss from a disaster, it can also help ensure a quicker and smoother recovery.” 

QBE North America suggests the following to help business owners ready their property and employees this spring: 


Label indoor and outdoor shut-off valves (water, sprinkler, gas, etc.) and know how and when to use them.
Assess pipes for damage or substantial wear to avoid leaking pipes. 
Create an emergency plan and review and practice it with employees. 
Review and update your business continuity plan. Identify alternate suppliers to keep your business up and running and recover faster if a major disruption occurs.

Inspect and Test

Perform fleet maintenance, including inspecting vehicles, and checking wiper blades, tire pressure, treads and oil filters. 
Inspect any exterior foliage and trees and trim as needed to prevent potential property, roof and incoming power supply damage. 
Check sidewalks and parking lots for cracked pavement, potholes and any other hazards that may have resulted from winter weather/snowplows, and address as needed. 
Perform necessary maintenance on any power equipment, including emergency generators.
If your facility includes playgrounds, recreational equipment or a pool, perform necessary inspections and maintenance.
Have your fire and smoke detection systems tested.


Remove any unwanted clutter and debris from both the interior and exterior of the property.
Review stored flammable and combustible liquids such as old paints and discard any materials not used within the last year. 
Clean gutters and downspouts and conduct roof inspections. Check with your property manager on making those updates and fixes beforehand.
Clear any surface drains and grates. Check for site erosion or changes to drainage paths.
Clean and safely store any winter-related power equipment and be sure to secure flammable fuels properly. 

In the event of property damage, there are steps businesses can take to get the problem solved as quickly as possible, and ensure the facility is safe from another catastrophe. Here are tips from QBE if a disaster does occur: 


Conduct a damage assessment as soon as the area is safe to enter.
Inspect all fire protection equipment for physical damage, including sprinkler heads, valves, pipes, hoses and portable extinguishers. 
Have damaged equipment cleaned, dried out and the electrical insulation tested.
Service heating equipment by a qualified technician before returning it to operation.
Monitor portable and emergency generator use for carbon monoxide buildup, power back feeds, and improper fueling.

“No matter how prepared you are, accidents and losses can happen in an instant,” said Monique McQueen, Assistant Vice President – CAT Claims, QBE North America. “We recommend business owners regularly check in with their insurer to discuss any changes to their operations and property, including employee workplace changes and new or updated equipment.”

QBE North America’s Risk Solutions team are experts in identifying risks, delivering loss prevention recommendations, and providing innovative loss protection tools and services. Their focused commitment to service and technical acumen helps customers identify, evaluate and reduce their potential for losses and business risk. By getting to know their customers, their business operations, priorities and concerns, they can help deliver the best possible outcomes. To consult with Risk Solutions or for any questions, QBE customers can call (888) 560-2635 or reach out via

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