Report a new Aviation Workers’ Compensation claim

We have partnered with Sedgwick to handle your claims, and offer the following claim reporting options 24 hours/7 days:

1. Call QBE at 844-723-2524 (844-QBE-CLAIMS), select the option to report a new claim and then select the option for reporting a workers' compensation claim.

2. Fax a first report of injury to 888-723-2567

3. Email the first report of injury form to

Aviation Workers’ Compensation Process & Tips

What happens after the initial reporting of an aviation workers’ compensation claim?

  • The first report of injury will be reviewed to determine classification: loss time or medical only
  • A claim will be set up and assigned a claims number
  • All loss time claims will be assigned to an adjuster for a complete investigation
  • On loss time claims, the employer, injured worker and physician will be contacted by the adjuster within approximately 24-48 hours
  • On medical-only claims, the employer will be contacted and the file will remain open for 90 days to pay medical bills.

Aviation Workers’ Compensation Claims tips

  • Report all claims (including potential ones) as soon as you become aware of the accident using one of the claims reporting options listed above
  • Indicate if the injured worker has returned to work, noting the actual return to work date
  • Provide all contact numbers for yourself as well as the injured worker. Provide mobile phone numbers if available
  • State the type of injury and the body part affected before giving a detailed description of the injury.