Commercial Auto claims process

1. Initial contact and review of coverage available to you

  • After reporting your claim, a QBE Claim Professional will contact you within approximately one business day.
  • The QBE Claim Professional will verify the details of the loss and the policy information, and also explain the coverages available to you. They will discuss the deductibles, potential coverage exceptions and coverage limits with you.
  • During the call, the Claim Professional will discuss options for getting an estimate of the cost to repair or replace your covered motor vehicle.

2. Getting ready for repairs

  • If your vehicle was damaged due to a covered loss, your QBE Claim Professional will offer to help you find a repair facility or arrange to get an estimate of the repair cost ("Damage Estimate").
  • In some cases, someone else may be liable or partially liable for the damage to your vehicle or injuries you incurred. Your QBE Claim Professional will explain your options for repairing your vehicle and pursuing recovery against the responsible party.

3. Arranging for damage estimate / repairs

Typically, you will have two options for selecting a repair shop.

  • QBE Direct Repair Program (DRP) - when you pick a QBE partner shop, you're not slowed down by arranging for a claim inspection or having to get multiple estimates of the damages. To keep the process simple, the QBE DRP shop takes care of the estimate, paperwork and, of course, the repairs. The program includes a nationwide warranty on the repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Inspect and Repair - You can decide to have the repairs done at a repair shop of your choice. If the shop you select is not in our Direct Repair Program or an Open Network Shop, we will arrange for an independent inspection to get an estimate of the repair cost. QBE will authorize the repairs after the estimate is reviewed and validated.

4. Other people involved or damage to public property

We'll also contact anyone else that was involved in the accident. If you receive correspondence from other people involved in the accident please send it to your Claim Professional by email or fax.

  • Email it to; put the claim number (and nothing else) in the subject line of the email.
  • Fax it to us at 866-251-5389 and include your claim number in the subject line.

In some instances you may be liable for damage or injuries to others involved in the accident. The QBE Claim Professional will investigate and manage this part of the claim on your behalf according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

5. Managing repairs or determination of total loss

  • Your repairer will be your primary contact while your vehicle is being repaired. How long it takes will depend on the repairer’s availability and the damage to your vehicle. If you have any other questions during this time, please contact QBE.
  • To the extent your policy coverage allows, we will also arrange for a rental vehicle during the repair period.
  • If the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle, we typically adjust your claim for the actual cash value, which accounts for depreciation, of the vehicle at the time of loss less any applicable deductible amount. In these total loss situations, we will need information about any outstanding loans or liens on the vehicle or the title. Be sure to remove all personal items from your vehicle, including title, registration, insurance cards, and license plates.

6. Payment for cost of repairs

  • QBE will mail a check to you for the cost of the covered repairs less the deductible for the applicable coverage. The check will be payable to you and the repair shop. You endorse the check when the repairs are completed to your satisfaction. You also have the option to sign a form authorizing direct payment to the repair shop, and you will pay the repair shop for deductible amount.