Commercial Property claims process

1. Initial contact and review of coverage available to you

  • After reporting your claim, a QBE Claim Professional will contact you within approximately one business day.
  • The QBE Claim Professional will verify the details of the loss and the policy information, and also explain the coverages available to you. They will discuss the deductibles, potential coverage exceptions and coverage limits with you.
  • During the call, the Claim Professional will discuss options for getting an estimate of the cost to repair or replace your covered property.

2. Getting an estimate of the damages

Typically, you will have the following options for selecting a repair contractor:

  • QBE Contractor Repair Program (CRP) - In certain areas, QBE can refer a contractor who will prepare an estimate of the repair or the replacement cost of the covered property. After QBE reviews and approves the contractor's estimate, you can arrange to have work done by that contractor or any contractor of your choice. It’s important to keep in mind that the contractors that QBE refers are specialists in home repairs and they guarantee their work.
  • Independent Adjuster inspection - QBE can arrange to have an independent adjusting firm go to your home to physically inspect the damages and collect information needed to prepare an estimate of the repair or the replacement cost of the covered property. An estimate of the damages will be sent to your QBE Claim Professional to review and approve.
  • Desk Top Adjustment (small losses) - For losses with minor or limited damage, your QBE Claim Professional can often get enough information from you over the phone or from photos you send to them to estimate the damages.

3. Settling your property damage claim

  • After your QBE Claim Professional obtains the final estimate of the damages, they will prepare a summary of the amount you will receive.

4. Payment

  • On smaller losses or business personal property, the settlement check will most likely be payable to the named insured(s) on the policy and any applicable loss payees.
  • Payments involving lienholders - the check will typically be made payable to you and your mortgage company (or other lienholders) – this is typically on larger payments to repair your property. You'll need the cooperation of your mortgage company in order to receive the funds for repairs.

5. Managing repairs

  • Keep in close contact with the contractor you hire to complete your repairs. The repairs must progress reasonably.  The period of restoration has been agreed upon so any unnecessary delays caused by the contractor’s availability could affect your business income loss and/or additional living expenses. If you have any questions during this time please contact your QBE Claims Professional.
  • During the repair process you may find hidden damage that was not within the scope of the initial repair estimate. If this happens, please contact your QBE Claim Professional. It may be necessary to send out an independent appraiser to inspect the damage. We'll adjust the claim settlement for any covered damages found.