Renter claims process

1. Initial contact and review of coverage available to you

  • After you report your claim, a QBE Claim professional will contact you within approximately one business day.
  • The QBE Claim professional will verify the details of the loss, verify the policy information and explain the coverages available to you.
  • They will explain the deductibles, potential coverage exceptions and coverage limits.
  • They will discuss with you the options for getting an estimate of the cost to repair or replace your covered property.

2. Getting an estimate of the damages

Typically, we produce an estimate in one of two ways.

  • QBE Contents Inventory / Replacement Estimate - QBE uses an independent, web-based contents estimating service to help you create an inventory list and estimate the actual cash value of or cost to replace your covered belongings.
  • Desk Top Adjustment (small losses) - For losses with minor or limited damage, your QBE Claim professional can often get enough information from you over the phone or from photos you send to estimate the damages.

Your policy may only cover the actual cash value (ACV) of the item. Actual cash value is not equal to the replacement cost. Actual cash value is computed by subtracting depreciation from the replacement cost.

You may be asked to provide proof of ownership documents including:

  • Credit card or bank statements
  • Purchase receipts
  • Instruction manuals or handbooks included with the purchased items
  • Guarantee or warranty certificates
  • Photographs or videos of the items

Temporary Living Expense

Your renter policy may include Temporary Living Expense. To the extent your policy coverage allows, we can help arrange or reimburse you for temporary living arrangements should it not be safe to live in your rental property. Certain conditions apply.

Your QBE Claim professional will be able to determine if the policy you purchased includes this coverage.

Liability claims

When your claim involves someone not living in your home who was injured on your rental property or an incident where you may be fully or partially liable for damages to someone else's property, your QBE Claim professional will take your statement of what happened and, if needed, investigate further to determine your potential liability.

3. Settling your personal property damage claim

  • After your QBE Claim professional obtains the final estimate of the damages they will prepare a summary of the amount you will receive.
  • Typically, the initial payment you will receive will be based on the Actual Cash Value of your belongings less any applicable deductibles subject to any coverage limits.
  • If you have Replacement Cost Coverage you can get reimbursed for the "recoverable depreciation" after you show that you repaired or replaced your belongings.
  • Certain items may be excluded based on your policy or subject to specified limits. The settlement letter you receive will identify these items, if any.

4. Payment

Personal belongings – Payment for covered personal belongings is issued to the named insured(s) on the policy. Make sure your QBE Claim Professional is aware of your current address if you have moved or are living elsewhere.