How it works

Welcome to QBEpay, providing a convenient way to pay your QBE invoices online.

Online billing account

Create an account for future use. View your billing summary online, save keystrokes by securely storing your payment information, set up future payments and save time with automatic payments.

Launching QBEpay

When you click the QBEpay link on the QBE web site, you're directed to a welcome screen that provides a link to the secure QBEpay online bill payment service. After clicking the "Enroll or Sign in" button, a security alert window displays, informing you that you're about to view a Web page over a secure connection. Clicking OK on this window will take you to the QBEpay payment screen.

QBEpay online billing

Create an account with QBEpay using information found on your current QBE billing statement.

Pick your own user ID and password. Verify or enter your name, address, phone number and email.

New billing statement summaries will be sent to your inbox for you to view and pay. When a billing statement is sent, you're notified via e-mail.

Enter and securely save your bank account or credit card information.

Click the "Pay" button to make a one-time payment or click on "Automatic Payments" to set up a payment rule and have your invoices paid automatically each time you're billed.

Click "Payment Activity" to review your payments.

Click "Account" to add more QBE accounts and manage all of them with one user ID. Then pay multiple billing statements on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Reviewing the confirm payment screen

After clicking the "Continue" button, the confirm payment screen will display. This final screen summarizes all the information you have provided. Each section corresponds to one of the other four screens you have just completed. A "Change" button allows you to update any incorrect information in that section.

There is also a check box near the bottom of the screen that indicates you have read and accept the terms and conditions for using QBEpay. The blue text under the terms and conditions heading is a direct link to the terms and conditions document. Please read and accept the terms and conditions before submitting your payment.

After you have carefully read the terms and conditions and each section of the confirm payment screen and made any necessary updates, click the "Make Payment" button to complete the online payment process. Be sure to wait for the payment request submitted screen to appear before closing your browser window.

When the payment request submitted screen displays, print a copy of the confirmation statement for your records. You can print the confirmation by clicking the blue text that says "print the page." After printing your confirmation, you may either make additional payments on the same account or a different account or exit the QBEpay system.

QBEpay is a service mark of QBE Regional Companies (N.A.), Inc.