QBE and AcceliCITY are hosting the Urban Resilience Challenge – a national competition that will uncover and fund innovations that will drive resiliency in cities. At times like this, these innovations are increasingly important – and necessary.

Across the United States, cities are at the forefront of our nation’s growth and are hubs of innovation, technology, and commerce. As evidenced by the current environment, however, urban areas face growing vulnerabilities and chronic stressors from natural disasters, economic shifts and changing demographics. Cities are complex and challenging entities, and their success relies on developing resilience to withstand these threats in the most sustainable ways possible.

Recognizing the urgent need to build this resilience, QBE North America and AcceliCITY are embarking on a unique collaboration to seek out and support innovators across the United States whose ventures contribute to building thriving, resilient cities that can effectively manage and respond to physical, economic, and social threats. Together, we are presenting the QBE and AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge—a  nationwide competition seeking entrepreneurs leveraging technology to transform city ecosystems to make them increasingly more sustainable. 

Want to learn more about the QBE and AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge? Please watch our video.

You can see our press release about the Challenge here.

Interested in applying for the QBE and AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge? Please go to http://accelicity.com/home

Have questions? Contact QBE Foundation Manager Josie Barnett at Josie.Barnett@us.qbe.com

Join Truett Tate, Chairman of the Board for QBE North America, as he discusses the importance of building resilience in cities and the competition QBE is launching to help. Leading the conversation between Michael Lake, CEO of Leading Cities, Kwaku Osuwu, CEO of DrugViu and Nathan Pawl, CEO of Blacksands, Truett will moderate an interactive session introducing the 2020 Accelicity Urban Resilience Challenge. Please watch our video.