Insurance Advice for COVID-19

A message from QBE Hong Kong CEO: Supporting our business partners and customers

Following the recent COVID-19 developments in Hong Kong, QBE Hong Kong CEO has personally reached out and shared the precautions we’re taking to ensure we maintain our commitment to our people, valued business partners and customers.

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05 Jun 2020

QBE Asia Guidance on How to Prepare and What to Expect when People Return to the Workplace

While some workplaces are opening their premises gradually, having a plan to return employees to the workplace in a safe and orchestrated manner is top priority. Where possible, employees should still continue to work from home. Re-opening the workplace should take into account what impact it has on your business, employees’ and customers’ health and well-being and the overall environment.

Read our Risk Management Guidance on Return to the Workplace

30 April 2020

QBE Asia Guidance on Managing Employees Working From Home

These guidance offer some thoughts and reference to assist managers of employees working from home, especially if they are new to this working arrangement.

Read our Risk Management Guidance on Managing Employees Working From Home

29 April 2020

QBE Asia Guidance on Standstill Covers for Engineering

To ensure your business is well protected during this downtime, here are some basic steps that can be undertaken to reduce hazards and unwanted risks when your engineering project temporarily comes to a halt.

Read our Risk Management Guidance on Standstill Covers for Engineering

17 April 2020

QBE Asia Property Position on Unoccupied Premises during Covid-19 Pandemic

Having temporarily unoccupied buildings or businesses is not a desirable situation at any time. There are dangers that routine maintenance and management programmes are deferred and have the potential to increase frequency and severity of loss.

There are however some basic steps that can be taken to reduce the hazards.  

Read our Risk Management Guidance on Unoccupied Risks 

Travel Insurance Arrangements

We’re working hard to support our customers whose travel plans are affected by the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus and to those who require further assistance when caught in an unfortunate circumstance.

QBE Hong Kong has put in place the following to help our customers during this critical period:

  • Special arrangement has been made to allow our policyholders to change their original travel period to another until 31 December 2020 for the same destination and same duration of the insurance coverage, at no additional cost;
  • In the event of any involuntary delay, we will extend a free 10-day coverage extension to your travel policy;
  • For travels on or after 31 January 2020, medical expenses will be covered, provided the travel is not to areas issued with travel warning by the World Health Organisation (WHO) or the Hong Kong government.

Insurance coverage for claims other than Novel Coronavirus Infection remains effective as per policy terms and conditions.

Some important notes in the event you need to make a claim:
  • Please keep all relevant receipts and documents for expenses related to claims, including but not limited to medical expenses; 
  • Where expenses can be refunded by the provider this should be pursued in the first instance, with non-refundable expenses covered subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Most importantly, we want you and your family to be safe so it’s important that you follow the advice of local authorities. We’ve also put together some Frequently Asked Questions to help with your travel insurance enquiries relating to the novel coronavirus:

For Hang Seng Customers
For Other Customers

Please stay safe if you need to travel or are already overseas. If you have a medical emergency situation when overseas, please call our 24-hour assistance hotline at: 

+852 2862 0183 (For Hang Seng Customers)
+852 2862 0138 (For Other Customers)

As the circumstance is changing from time to time, we recommend you to refer to this announcement and the Frequently Asked Questions for our updates if any.

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