This year we celebrate 20 years of delivering insights into the housing market through the Australian Housing Outlook report. The report, authored by BIS Oxford Economics and sponsored by QBE Lenders' Mortgage Insurance, deep dives into property market dynamics during this extraordinary time and forecasts where prices are headed over the next three years.

These are truly transformative times. The way we live and work continues to evolve as the COVID-19 pandemic creates opportunities as well as challenges, whilst changing our mindsets and priorities.

Australian Housing Outlook 2021 – 2024 - Capital cities at a glance 

What’s driving the housing market?

A key theme of the report is the change to migration patterns. With Australia’s international borders effectively closed, the usual influx of international migrants and outflow of Australians is not having its usual impact on the housing market. And while cities have long been the centre of commerce and community, many of us made the decision to leave cities for regional towns. This shift in housing preference will be interesting to watch over the next few years.

Australian Housing Outlook 2021 – 2024 - Housing affordability and home loan activity 

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