Our intermediary partners

We know the strength of our delivery of insurance products and services to our customers starts with our intermediary broker partners – all of whom we work closely with to ensure we provide the right insurance products for your business.

Why to use a broker

  • They understand how insurance works so can help you navigate its complexities
  • They can explain what a policy covers and doesn’t cover and why it is or isn’t  appropriate for your situation
  • They can design an insurance package that covers the aspects of your business most important to you
  • They can save your business time and money because they can negotiate with insurers to get the best prices
  • They have the expertise to review your insurance policies as and when your insurance needs change to ensure that you always have the most appropriate cover in place for your business. 

What to look for in a broker

  • Specialist - some risks are unique to certain industries. You should consider an industry specialist who has the insight and experience to meet your needs
  • Responsiveness - how quickly does the broker respond to your enquiries? Most importantly, do they provide you with helpful information?
  • Persistence - if they don't have an immediate answer, do they demonstrate a willingness to find it?
  • Honesty - are they a 'yes' person? Look for a broker who'll give you the truth rather than telling you what you’d like to hear.

Where to find a broker

The Insurance Brokers Association of NewZeland (IBANZ) represents 150 firms operating in the general insurance market and can help you find a broker.

Find an IBANZ insurance broker here.

Clicking this link will take you through to the IBANZ website. Please note that not all insurance brokers are members of IBANZ.