A substantial amount of money will be tied up in the physical assets of your business. If you’re uninsured or inadequately insured, the cost of repairing or replacing buildings, stock, equipment and office furniture could prove commercially devastating.

QBE’s Risk Management Team can help minimise the risks, but natural events, including storm, floods, earthquakes, and human error, or those events, such as fire, that just happen present a constant risk.

You need funds to replace or repair damaged property and to protect your business profits following a period of enforced downtime. That’s why our customers rely on material damage and business interruption insurance to protect their businesses.

Material Damage & Business Interruption

Providing insurance protection for your building, stock and plant, this policy includes money, employees’ tools, refrigerated goods and seasonal stock increases. It can be extended to include ‘business interruption’ which covers loss of profit following a claim, wages, rates, lost rental income, professional fees and claim preparation costs.

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