Information update regarding your Travel insurance claim

 In August 2018, QBE announced the sale of its Travel insurance business to nib. The sale will complete on 13 May 2019. 

Looking after your claim

As part of the sale, QBE’s travel claims team will be transferring to nib. They’ll continue to manage your claim on behalf of QBE if it’s not resolved before 13 May 2019. If you need to contact us, the claim contact details you already have remain the same before and after sale completion.

What you need to do

Until 12 May 2019, you can continue to lodge your claim with QBE using one of the following options:

From 13 May 2019, any travel insurance claims on a QBE Travel Insurance policy should be lodged with nib.

Importantly, you’ll continue to be a QBE customer until your policy expires.

Rest assured that both QBE and nib are committed to looking after you and your claim.


Emergency assistance

QBE provides around-the-clock worldwide emergency assistance via QBE Assist, our dedicated Overseas Medical Emergency and General Assistance team. Our trained medical and insurance specialists can assist travellers in a wide variety of emergency situations.

To contact QBE Assist please refer to the toll free numbers on your QBE Assist Assistance Wallet Card (provided by your travel agent) or refer to our QBE Assist contact details document.

From countries where toll free numbers are not available, please use the contact details below:

Phone: +613 8523 2800
Fax: +613 8523 2815
Email: qbeassist@qbe.com