You can report your new claim any of the following ways:

1. Contact your broker who will report the claim to QBE on your behalf

2. Complete the online form below with as much information as you have available, and hit submit. A claims professional will contact you shortly to discuss your claim. Brokers can also complete the form below.

Report an Aviation Claim

3. Send details of your claim to QBE-AviationClaims-FNOL.us-box@us.qbe.com

4. Call 800-317-9474 to speak with an Aviation Claims Professional

Our Aviation Claims field offices are strategically located to provide the most effective claims service. Contact a field office for general claims information, or for specific questions about your claim.

Home Office Northwest Southeast

Atlanta, GA
Peter Guy
Direct: 770.794.6413
Mobile: 404.309.9862

Boise, ID
Tracy Barrus
Direct: 208.286.0435
Mobile: 208.891.3275

Atlanta, GA
Josh Wilcox

Direct: 770.794.6404
Mobile: 470.277.0048

Midwest Northeast

Plano, TX
Ward Copley
Direct: 469.369.7638
Mobile: 972.664.7638

New York, NY
Nelson Camacho
Direct: 212.805.9855
Mobile: 646.315.4404

Click here to learn about reporting a new Aviation Worker’s Compensation claim.