Don't become another victim of auto theft. Protect your car and your investment by noting the following suggestions from QBE.

  • Always lock the doors, whether you're in or out of the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle, make sure the windows are also closed.
  • Don't leave valuables, such as packages, laptops, purses or suitcases, in plain view. Lock them in the trunk or cover with a blanket or cargo cover.
  • If possible, garage your vehicle overnight. Be sure to take your keys out of the car and lock the doors.
  • Keep registration information in a safe place with other important documents, not in your vehicle.
  • If you live in an area prone to auto theft, invest in a security device such as a steering wheel or gear shift lock.

If your car or truck is stolen, provide a description of its make, model, color and any other distinguishable features to the police. The time frame when the theft could have occurred, names of witnesses and descriptions of anyone you happened to see near your vehicle are also helpful. Be sure to report the theft to your insurance agent as soon as possible, too.