Whether you're purchasing a new motorcycle or taking it out of storage, QBE offers a few simple precautions to help protect you and your bike.

Before purchasing a motorcycle, research which bikes are safest and, consequently, are easier and less costly to insure. The type of motorcycle, engine size and brand, driver's age, and whether the bike is garaged in the winter are all considered by insurance companies when pricing a motorcycle policy.

After a few months off your bike, take a few minutes to review the "rules of the road," such as:

  • Watch for oncoming vehicles turning left in front of you. Slow down before intersections and stay visible.
  • Motorcycles are less visible than cars, especially at night. Always assume other drivers can't see you.
  • Leave plenty of space in front, back and at your sides to increase your visibility.
  • Invest in a properly fitting helmet and riding gear.

For more safety tips and information on training courses, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation web site.