Auto owners with good driving records and safer cars could enjoy lower auto insurance premiums, depending on where they live. This is due to several factors, including safer and smarter vehicles and drivers.

Buy a safer car

Vehicles with airbags and anti-lock brakes help reduce insurance premiums. Others have been specially redesigned to fare better in crashes. Future safety innovations are also on the horizon, including smart cars with back-up sensors and navigational systems, smart highways with technology to help traffic flow more smoothly, and breakaway engines to reduce frontal leg injuries.

Drive smarter

More states now require graduated driver licensing programs, phasing new drivers into full driving privileges over time. This provides better training for young drivers and reduces teen driving accidents.

And to encourage careful driving, QBE and other insurance companies offer credits for driving smarter and avoiding accidents. Through our accident forgiveness program, if a policyholder who has been insured with us and hasn't been "at fault" in any auto accidents during the past five years is in a collision, his or her insurance premiums will not include any accident surcharges. This would prevent increased rates of 20 to 50 percent, depending on where the policyholder lives. We also offer discounts to older drivers who complete a defensive driving course*.

*Defensive driving credit not available in all states. Contact your independent insurance agent for more information.