If you're in the market for a new home, General Casualty has several factors to consider before you buy that could affect the price you pay for your homeowners insurance.

Save on your insurance by:

  • Purchasing a newer home. Homes newer than eight years receive a discount from General Casualty, up to 15 percent for brand-new homes.
  • Some companies will give credits for having a certain number of working fire extinguishers or home security system or being located within a certain distance from a fire hydrant.
  • Community fire departments are rated according to the facilities, equipment, staff, water supply and more. Buying a home in a community served by a higher-rated department can help lower your rates.

Some types of structures or property characteristics can raise your insurance costs or make it difficult to get coverage. Before you buy, have a professional home inspection performed to help unveil these threats:

  • Structures with Exterior Insulation Finishing System or synthetic stucco
  • Log structures
  • Wood-burning stoves
  • A pool, even if you decide to drain and not use it
  • An older or poorly maintained electrical system, plumbing and/or roof

Contact your agent to find out additional ways to save-such as choosing a higher deductible or finding additional discounts-without skimping on your coverage.