Terms & conditions

QBE is offering this payment service ("Service") as a convenience option to you for payment of your QBE coverage.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, you should review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and our Privacy Policy. The FAQ page includes important information about which browsers are currently supported by the Service, how information sent or received using the Service is encrypted for security purposes, and other information about how the Service works, including how to get help if you have a problem using the Service.

Our Privacy Policy includes important information about the type of information we collect about you, how we collect that information, and what we can do with that information.

Authentication and authorization for service usage

  • This Service incorporates commercially reasonable methods to authenticate the information that you have supplied for making a payment through this Service. You will not be able to submit a payment until the Service authenticates you based on a valid account number and the zip code associated with that account number.  Both values can be located on the printed bill that you received from QBE.  In addition, you will not be allowed to use the Service to pay your QBE premium until you have read these Terms and Conditions and have acknowledged doing so by clicking the "I Accept" button at the bottom of this page.
  • As the user of the Service, and upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you will have submitted your banking account or credit card account (your "Designated Account") information. You are responsible for any legal, regulatory, or banking penalties and fees that may be assessed for supplying false information to us for use with the Service.
  • The Service may be used for payment on both personal and commercial accounts.
  • If the Designated Account is a bank or credit card account for your Business, then it must be one for which you are a properly authorized signer.
  • By accepting these Terms and Conditions you authorize QBE, through the Service, to initiate a charge to your Designated Account according to your instructions. Each time you use the Service to pay QBE, you will be reauthorizing us to charge your Designated Account.
  • By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you represent and warrant that:
    1. You are 18 years old or older
    2. You are using your actual identity and any information you provide is accurate and complete;
    3. You are legally authorized to make payments using your Designated Account;
    4. You will indemnify, defend, and hold QBE harmless from all claims arising from your misuse, improper or fraudulent use of the Service;
    5. You have read and agreed to our Privacy Policy; and
    6. Your use of the Service will not violate any local, state, national or international laws or regulations.

QBE payment service

By providing QBE with the account information for your Designated Account, you authorize us to follow the payment instructions we receive from you through the Service.  When you use this Service to send us a payment instruction you authorize QBE to initiate a message to your bank or credit card provider to charge your Designated Account, and to send those funds to us for payment on your QBE account so that we receive the funds as close as reasonably possible to the date indicated by you in the payment instruction.

If your payment is received after the due date of the bill, regardless of any cause except for our failure to reasonably process your explicit payment instruction actually received by us, then you will remain responsible for any late charges and interest assessed, the same as if you mailed your payment to us and we received it after the due date. This would be true even if you are unable to access the system due to problems with the Internet, or our servers being temporarily unavailable. Therefore, we recommend that you instruct the Service to initiate each payment to us at least four (4) business days before the actual due date. (Business days are Monday through Friday, except for federal banking holidays).

If you use the Service to send us your payment instructions after 6:00 P.M. (Central Time Zone) on a business day, then the Service will treat your instruction as if it was received on the following day. The date we receive payment from you, not the date we receive your instructions, determines whether your payment was timely received.

Any payments that you authorize, from either your credit card or bank account, where funds are not available will result in no payment being applied to your QBE account.  You will be liable for any fees associated with the payment attempt.  If two such payment authorizations resulting in nonsufficient funds occur within a twelve month period your QBEpay account may be deactivated and you will need to use other means to pay your QBE Bill.  In addition, payments returned due to insufficient funds are subject to return check fees and late payment penalties. Acceptance of a payment does not ensure that policies cancelled for non-payment will be reinstated.  Contact QBE Billing Services at 1-888-560-2745 with any questions.

Any over payments will be refunded to the account holder 7 days after the overpayment occurs.  If a payment has been made in error and needs to be reversed, please contact QBE Billing Services at 1-888-560-2745.

Security statement

The Internet's growth, popularity and usefulness depend on the secure handling of personal and financial information. The protection of consumers' sensitive information is critical to QBE's success. Thus, in conjunction with our partners, we provide you with a high degree of security by utilizing the latest security techniques and methodologies.

Application level

Our Payment Service application employs the following controls and measures:

  • Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption for all transmissions of consumer data in order to assure privacy.
  • Automatically logs out an end user after a certain period of time in order to protect personal information from onlookers.
  • The password can be changed by the end user at first sign on and subsequently. This further protects the end user from tampering by others.

Network and facility level

Our QBE Payment Service application-processing servers are located within state-of-the-art facilities where we and third parties conduct regular reviews of our methodologies in order to satisfy SAS 70 and banking requirements. The hardware, networking and facility security measures are described below:

  • Redundant firewalls configured to deny everything unless it is expressly permitted.
    The data center utilizes intrusion detection and scanning software from ISS. This software identifies network and system attacks and responds through session termination and firewall reconfiguration.
  • Three-level card key access to gain entrance to systems including a card and palm scan.
  • Around the clock physical monitoring of systems and security incident response team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Limitations of liability and exclusions of warranties

Alterations and amendments

These Terms and Conditions are the legal binding agreement between QBE and you with respect to the Service. You will be agreeing to the current provisions of these Terms and Conditions each time you make a payment using the Service. These Terms and Conditions may be amended at QBE's sole discretion.  Each time you make a payment, please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you make the payment to be certain you still agree with the provisions. Your use of the Service after any changes to these Terms and Conditions will constitute your agreement to such change(s).

Termination or discontinuation

We reserve the right to terminate the Service at any time, or to terminate your use of the Service. If we terminate your use of the Service, you will need to pay your QBE bill in another manner acceptable to QBE.


If there is a dispute regarding the Service, you agree to resolve the dispute in accordance with the dispute resolution procedures and governing law as outlined in the Privacy Policies and Practices.

These Terms and Conditions are the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement regarding the Service between you and QBE. It supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between you and QBE relating to the Service. If there is a conflict between what a QBE employee tells you and the terms of this document, these Terms and Conditions will prevail.

You should print and retain this document for safekeeping and reference at any time during usage of the Service.