We’re building momentum to achieve something significant, and we know our people are at the centre of our success. That’s why we’re focused on giving our people everything they need to perform at their best and achieve their career aspirations.  
Unleash your potential
We support our people to take the driver’s seat in their own career and development, with a range of programs and experiences that help them grow, both professionally and personally. Our ME@QBE program is designed to support our people at every step along the way — from setting meaningful goals to planning their career path and development, checking in on progress, and measuring and rewarding performance. Our people have regular conversations with their leaders to provide the opportunity to discuss progress against goals and our QBE DNA behaviours, and everyone can seek snapshot feedback from any of their colleagues at any time.
When it comes to learning, we take an inclusive and employee-centred approach that includes online learning, virtual classrooms, mentoring, employee networks and projects. Our people can also curate their own development through QBE’s global My Learning platform that provides access to over 16,000 on-demand learning experiences, including LinkedIn Learning content, Josh Bersin Academy and more.
We also offer financial and leave assistance for further study, as well as opportunities for local and global secondments.
Some of our programs include:
  • Australia Pacific: Our General Manager Rotation Job Swap program is designed to create new experiences and build new skills for employees. 
  • North America: Our Finance and Actuarial Career Development Rotation program encourages talented and motivated employees to engage with other aspects of our business, deepening their experience as both insurance and finance professionals.
  • Europe: Our Aspire Programme supports the development and careers of high potential employees by helping to build leadership skills in strategic thinking, team performance and mindfulness.
To find out more about development and learning opportunities in your location, visit the careers section on our regional and country-specific websites.
Grow your career
The insurance industry offers surprising, varied and purposeful careers and as an international insurer operating across diverse geographies, there are plenty of opportunities to grow with us. Our goal is to make these opportunities accessible and to be an employer that enriches people’s lives and careers. Explore the different teams at QBE and find the right fit for you.
Leadership development 
Inclusive leadership and the ability to apply an enterprise mindset is at the core of what we value in our leaders at QBE. Our QBE-tailored leadership development approach aims to improve the quality of conversations through learned practical skills that enhance our leaders’ capabilities to lead, coach and manage people, while gaining a higher level of self-awareness and appreciation of factors that underpin behaviour.