Share registry

QBE’s share registry provider is Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited.

Computershare’s Investor Centre enables you to have fast, secure access to your shareholdings. Log in or register to manage your account online at: Computershare's Investor Centre

To login into your shareholding at Computershare’s Investor Centre you will need to enter either your

  • HIN (Holder Identification Number)^ the letter X followed by 10 numbers*


  • SRN (Securityholder Reference Number)^ the letter I followed by 10 numbers* followed by your postcode.

^You can locate this information on your holding or dividend payment statement

Include all preceding 0 (zero’s) if any

Once you have logged in you will be able to:

  • update your address,** bank account details and payment instructions
  • enrol or vary your participation in the DRP or BSP
  • view your holding balance
  • research dividend payment history
  • provide your TFN/ABN
  • sign up to receive electronic shareholder communications (ecomms)
  • access forms to complete amendments to details related to your holding

**  If you have a HIN holding please contact your Broker as only they can update your change of address

You may elect to be sent documents relating to meetings, resolutions and annual reports of the Company and notices of members' rights, or request a particular one, in electronic or physical form. You may also elect not to be sent annual reports. To do so, contact Computershare.

Contact Details

Mailing address
GPO BOX 2975
Melbourne VIC 3001

1300 723 487 (Australia)
+ 61 3  9415 4840 (International)


Computershare's Investor Centre