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Our 2025 ambition is to grow our impact investments to USD 2 billion

 invested in by QBE as part of Premiums4Good in December 2019, up from 32 in June 2018

Financial value invested in Premiums4Good as at the end of December 2019


invested in by QBE as part of Premiums4Good in December 2019 



Finalist in the 2018 Finance for the Future Awards

Founded by The Prince of Wales’s Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Project and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales




Premiums4Good has a global reach. The below map indicates key geographical regions invested in through its pool of assets. Significantly, the Premiums4Good investment pool invests in developed and developing markets across the globe.


Aligned with 17 Sustainable Development Goals in line with the Global Priorities to 2030

We support the aims and objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which arose through collaboration between governments, civil society, the private sector and academia. The SDGs seek to address the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges and form part of a wider 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In 2018, we aligned our sustainability agenda to support advancement of these global goals. As a universal agreement to work towards a better future, the SDGs align closely with our own purpose to give people the confidence to achieve their ambitions.

UN sustainable development goals

Recognising that many of the SDGs are cross-cutting, Premiums4Good investments are mapped at a high level to the SDGs.


Everyday premiums making an extraordinary difference to communities across the globe

Premiums4Good is an innovative initiative that sees us invest everyday premiums to make a tangible difference to communities across the globe.

Through Premiums4Good, QBE invests a portion of customers’ premiums into investments that have additional social or environmental benefits, at no extra cost to our customers. 

These investments include social impact bonds, social bonds, green bonds and infrastructure, supporting a range of projects and programs that seek to create positive change.  

About our Premiums4Good impact investment approach 

Premiums4Good supports our belief that we can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns and business value, while also seeking to deliver positive social and environmental impact. 

We have a globally consistent approach to impact investment across our North American, European and Australia Pacific operations. In 2019, each division committed a minimum of USD 100m, GBP 100m and AUD 100m of premium respectively to Premiums4Good on behalf of our policy holders. 

Additionally, to grow Premiums4Good, select customers can choose to contribute more and opt in to allocate 25% of their premiums to the initiative.

Our ambition is to grow our impact investments to USD 2 billion by 2025.

About our Premiums4Good investments

From renewable energy initiatives and sustainable infrastructure, to social services and programs to support vulnerable people and communities – Premiums4Good helps us, together with our customers and partners, make a difference.

Our current Premiums4Good investment portfolio spans multiple asset classes, geographies and impact areas. As at 31 December 2019 we had 48 securities valued at US$663 million.

securities and investment totals 2015-2019

Find out more

To find out more, download our Premiums4Good Investment Impact Report 2018-2019, or contact your local QBE representative.

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Everyday premiums making an extraordinary difference to communities across the globe…

"Premiums4Good is a unique collaboration between QBE, our customers, partners and our shareholders, through which a portion of customer premiums are channelled into investments that have additional social or environmental benefits.

Premiums4Good has continued to rally support across each of our divisions, delivering another successful year of impact and value creation, with both the value and volume of our impact investments growing significantly."

Together, we’re making a difference.

Pat Regan, Chief Executive Officer, QBE Insurance Group

Select investment highlights

group of people sitting together
Bridges Social Outcomes Fund II
image of solar
Copper Mountain Solar III
European Investment Bank Climate Awareness Bond
housing nz ltd sustainability bond
Housing New Zealand Ltd Sustainability Bond
image of a family
LeapFrog Emerging Consumer Fund III
treasury crop victora
Treasury Corp Victoria (TCV) Green Bond
us domestic small cap
US Domestic Small Cap Pay For Success (PFS) Fund