Information on employment scams

QBE would like to make all job seekers aware of employment scams. These scams involve unscrupulous people misrepresenting themselves as being associated with a particular company in an effort to extort money or personal information from unsuspecting individuals. Sometimes this involves the use of company names and logos in emails and on websites in an attempt to solicit fees.

Employment Scams warning signs:

  • You're offered a job without an application or interview with the employer.
  • The company asks you to wire money or asks for your credit card information.
  • The company asks for personal information like your social security number or driver's licence number.
  • You are promised high pay for little work.
  • The company asks you to pay for a credit report as part of the application process.
  • You are told you have to pay for your own training.
  • You're asked to cash a cheque and forward some of the money to a third party.
  • The salary details aren't clear.

We ask all job seekers to note that:

  • QBE does not make offers of employment via social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or Google Hangouts.
  • QBE will never ask for any money or payments from applicants at any point in the recruitment process, nor would we ask a job seeker to purchase IT or other equipment on our behalf.
  • All communication with applicants must come from a verifiable QBE email address and not from an Internet address such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc. Please also note that QBE will never request to talk with you over Google Chat or Google Live or Google Hangouts regarding an employment offer.
  • Job vacancies in QBE are advertised on the company's online job page, as well as the company’s LinkedIn site, and
  • Where vacancies exist, candidates are normally required to apply online solely through our dedicated secured network on our job website and through no other website.
  • If you receive a fraudulent employment request, save the email message and send to your local law enforcement agency. You may also contact QBE directly via to report the Employment Scam.

More information on employment scams is available at the following websites: