Conflicts of Interest Policy Summary

QBE’s Group Conflicts of Interest Policy (“Policy”) sets the expectations and responsibilities for employees, contractors and directors to report conflicts of interests. 

This Policy supports the QBE Group Code of Ethics and Conduct and should be read in conjunction with the Group Whistleblowing Policy, Group Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Group Gifts and Entertainment Policy, Group Fit and Proper Policy and any relevant local policies. 

QBE is committed to managing conflicts of interest to promote fairness, honesty, transparency and professionalism to enable confident and informed decision making. A conflict of interest is where either (a) an employee of QBE has a personal, financial or other interest that conflicts with the interests of QBE or its customers; or (b) QBE has a financial or other interest that conflicts with the interests of its customers. No matter how minor or insignificant a conflict may seem on initial evaluation, it can impact on fair and objective decision making.

In accordance with the Policy, employees need to report actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interests to their manager and the Compliance team, or use the QBE Ethics Hotline to make a confidential report. All employees are also required to complete any mandatory training and conflict of interest declarations.