Group Code of Ethics and Conduct

QBE is an international insurer and reinsurer, operating in many regions and markets. We have a common purpose and vision, shared across the enterprise and are committed to conducting business ethically and with integrity.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct (“Code”) supports that commitment, setting professional standards that apply to everyone at QBE, which include: 

  • Behaving honestly and with integrity and complying with the law wherever we operate.
  • Treating each other with respect. At QBE we do not engage in, condone or permit behaviour that is offensive, harassing in any form (this includes sexual harassment), threatening, inappropriate, abusive, bullying or intimidating. 
  • Completing all mandatory training.
  • Being aware of and managing risk.

Everyone at QBE is required to comply with our Code and encouraged to speak up and report behaviour or activity that does not meet its standards. Several channels are available for reporting, including via People Leaders, local People or Compliance teams and via the QBE Ethics Hotline (where available).