Group Gifts and Entertainment Policy Summary

QBE acknowledges that the giving and receiving of gifts and entertainment can be an acceptable business practice. However, they must always be reasonable, modest, proportionate and given or received in good faith. QBE wants to ensure that any giving or receiving of gifts or entertainment at QBE remains a healthy part of building and maintaining good business relationships – without any ‘strings attached’.

The Group Gifts and Entertainment Policy (“Policy”) supports the QBE Group Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Group Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy and the Group Conflicts of Interest Policy. The Policy applies to all QBE employees, contractors (including contingent workers) and directors. QBE suppliers and third parties should be informed of the principles and requirements of the Policy, where appropriate. 

The Policy outlines the requirements when it comes to the giving or receiving of any gifts and entertainment. All gifts and entertainment given or received must adhere to the relevant gifts and entertainment value and approval thresholds as described in the Policy and, where required, they must be reported, and approval obtained. Employees are also required to complete any mandatory training.