QBE's Global Privacy Policy Summary

QBE is committed to respecting our customers’ privacy and protecting their personal information from misuse or unauthorised disclosure and complying with privacy laws.

QBE’s global Privacy Policy sets global minimum standards essential for managing compliance with privacy laws and requirements. The global Policy should be read in the context of local Privacy Policies. The types of personal information we collect from our customers, and how we use and disclose that personal information will depend on which country our customers reside and are doing business with and the type of product or service they have requested from us.

The Policy applies to all employees, contractors, directors and agents of QBE and its controlled entities and to QBE joint ventures, where appropriate. 

Our global policy sets out our global minimum standards across the following areas - collection, type of information collected, how information is collected, consent, use and disclosure, direct marketing, third party and cross border disclosures, holding and storing information, protecting information, destructions and customer rights.

QBE has appointed a Group Privacy Officer who can be contacted via groupcompliance@qbe.com