QBE's Global Whistleblowing Policy Summary

QBE aims to maintain high ethical standards where everyone is respectful, professional and considerate, and always acts with honesty and integrity.

QBE, its employees and suppliers, play an essential part in ensuring that dishonesty, corruption, illegal or inappropriate behaviours or activities or misconduct, are reported and disclosed through the right channel so that that they can be dealt with appropriately. QBE expects and encourages an open, transparent and safe environment in which its employees and suppliers can report genuine concerns about misconduct and other illegal or inappropriate behaviours. 

Recent developments in Australian legislation has expanded the protections offered to whistleblowers. QBE’s Global Whistleblowing policy now reflects the newly enacted legislation. 

Australian based entities should also read the additional information contained within Appendix A of the policy, as this is Australian legislation.

If you have a genuine concern, you should report it. However, you should first read all the information below to fully understand how to gain legal protection. 

  • Legal protection is afforded to Eligible Whistleblowers, who make a report to Eligible Recipients, about Disclosable Matters.

Who is defined as an ‘Eligible’ Whistleblower? A current or former: -

  • Employee
  • officer/director 
  • QBE supplier 
  • (or relative of any of the above) of the Australian entity.  

Who is an ‘Eligible’ Recipient?

  • any officer/director or senior manager (please review policy for full details); 
  • any auditor, or member of an audit team conducting an audit;
  • any actuary;
  • any of QBE’s tax agents;
  • any other authorised person. QBE has authorised the following: - any employees of the Group or Australian teams in Compliance, Risk, Legal, Financial Crime Management, or Human Resources.
  • A prescribed body such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) 
  • QBE Ethics Hotline 

What is a ‘Disclosable’ Matter? For full details please review the policy, however these include, but are not limited to: 

  • failure to comply with a legal duty
  • gross mismanagement or waste
  • dishonest or unethical behaviour
  • fraud or other type of criminal behaviour
  • negligence
  • breach of trust or duty
  • Conduct that represents a danger to the public or the Australian Financial system

To disclose a matter via the independent Ethics Hotline, please access here