QBE's Global Work, Health & Safety Policy Summary

QBE is committed to creating and providing a safe and healthy environment for all workers and visitors by promoting innovation, efficiency and continual improvement.

QBE’s global Work, Health and Safety Policy sets global minimum standards essential for managing compliance with work, health and safety laws and requirements. The global Policy should be read in the context of local Privacy Policies. This Policy applies to employees, contractors, visitors, and others who may be present at the QBE workplace (including when using QBE vehicles, working remotely, and when working at QBE offices that are not an employee’s normal place of work). 

WHS is integrated across our organisation and regard for, and compliance with, WHS obligations is required to be reflected in all our work practices.

Under the Policy, QBE:

  • Is committed to compliance with all applicable WHS and environment legislation, regulations, and WHS business practices and standards.
  • Aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and visitors by working safely, adhering to WHS laws and standards and caring for the health and safety of those around us.
  • Will manage WHS incidents and work-related injuries in a proactive and fair manner.

Employees have a responsibility to report promptly and without delay hazards, incidents and work-related injuries in a timely manner and to stop the work of themselves or their colleagues where they hold genuine concerns that they are or may be putting their own health and safety or that of others at risk. Employees will not suffer any adverse consequences for reporting hazards and incidents or, in the event of genuine concerns about health and safety risks, stopping their work or that of their colleagues.