Debt Strategy

QBE’s Debt Investor Relations team is part of Group Treasury and works closely with the Group Treasurer to ensure that our debt investors, both domestically and offshore are well informed and have a key contact with QBE to assist them with any questions.

This strategy involves visiting as many of our debt investors as possible each year, by way of our semi -annual debt investor update roadshows (typically undertaken in March and September of each year). We also aim to keep our investors updated via email of any material developments or announcements and welcome questions at any time from our investors.

Our aim is to provide our debt investors with all the relevant information required to make an accurate assessment of QBE and readily have any issues addressed.

Having implemented a US$ 4bn debt issuance program in May 2016, our issuance strategy is to be a more frequent issuer in smaller benchmark sizes, to have a normalised maturity profile, with the requisite duration, whilst minimising any refinancing risk. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.