As a global insurer, we see first-hand the impacts natural disasters have on our customers and the communities in which we operate. We know that when disaster strikes, it’s vital that resources can be deployed quickly to support communities, both in the immediate response and to assist in the long-term recovery.

Our global disaster relief and resilience partnership with Red Cross and Save the Children has enabled us to reach and support more vulnerable communities than ever before (see here for details of our support).  Announced in November 2019, the three-year partnerships are enabling the rapid mobilisation of support for disaster relief activities in response to catastrophic events, and support disaster preparedness and climate resilience initiatives for vulnerable communities around the world. 

By redirecting a portion of the funds to climate resilience projects, we’re also supporting efforts of communities to protect themselves from physical risks and potentially mitigate future disaster.

Our partnership vision

QBE, in partnership with Save the Children and Red Cross are working with communities to build their resilience and save lives by improving their capacity to prepare, anticipate, respond and recover from disasters. 

Our partnership strategic framework helps us to deliver on our vision and objectives and support local execution of the partnership across our global operations.

Read more about our work in the community through the QBE Foundation in the 2022 Sustainability Report.

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Our Partners

“Amongst the uncertainty of the recent past it is deeply reassuring that this partnership has grown from strength to strength.

Our focus has always been on supporting local communities to respond effectively at times of humanitarian crisis, and in the past year, the cumulative effects of drought, bushfires, floods and the pandemic have led to high levels of demand on our services. The partnership with QBE has really helped Red Cross National Societies in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe and USA.

And, given the scale of the humanitarian impacts of climate change, we are very pleased that QBE is putting its resources and knowledge into addressing this issue.”

–Kym Pfitzner, CEO of Australian Red Cross

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“From deadly disasters to brutal conflicts, children across the world are facing life-threatening humanitarian crises at unprecedented levels, all exacerbated by climate change.

Our partnership with QBE goes to the core of this challenge and will help communities to become more disaster resilient; so we can save more lives and rebuild when disaster strikes.”

   –Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia

Since launching, we have been able to provide support to communities impacted by catastrophic disasters and COVID-19 across the world:

Enabling Australian Red Cross support people and communities affected by bushfires and COVID-19.

Asia Pacific COVID-19 Appeal

QBE provided assistance to Australian Red Cross in their work to support local Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies across the Asia Pacific region to respond to surges in COVID-19 cases. Red Cross and Red Crescent teams scaled up their emergency response to COVID-19 and continue to provide essential services such as health, water, sanitation and hygiene services to the worst-impacted people and communities. This work was supported by an internal #Sharethegood campaign on our Yammer platform, which encouraged our people to share a positive story or hack for lockdown life. Funding has assisted in increasing access to knowledge, deliver vital therapeutic treatment and has helped to ease some of the socio-economic impacts through the provision of food and essential assistance cash grants.

Supporting German Red Cross to provide practical and emotional support for parents who gave birth during the pandemic. More information 

Parents’ Campus German Red Cross 

In times of social distancing, German Red Cross launched the Parents’ Campus project, aimed at bringing together young families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, providing them with both practical and emotional support with the aid of various digital offerings. Services were digitised, especially for parents who gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic and would normally receive regular support services in the first months. QBE International Europe Foundation funding has contributed to helping this initiative’s continued development and availability for more families to access.

Strengthening localisation and support development of capacities among Red Cross societies in Pacific

Providing food and education for underprivileged school children through the Singapore Red Cross’ Young Hearts program. More information 

Singapore Red Cross’ Young Hearts program

Through the QBE Foundation, QBE Singapore supported Singapore Red Cross’ Young Hearts program, an initiative that provides food and education for underprivileged school children. The program supplies a nutritious dinner and a healthy food pack, providing food for the rest of the week, whenever the children drop by the centre for tuition. With QBE’s support, 480 food packs have been provided to children from low-income families. 

Supporting Spanish Red Cross to respond to disasters with an emergency response vehicle, helping with the rapid mobilisation of personnel and delivery of medicine or basic needs. 
Supporting British Red Cross COVID-19 response to reach the most vulnerable through the delivery of food, medicine and emotional support and helping patients to return home from hospital.

Strengthening the COVID response and enhancing the delivery of services and reaching the most vulnerable by Italian Red Cross.

Supporting American Red Cross work during COVID-19 and planning to respond as needed to the ongoing threat of spring flooding, severe storms, wildfires and the above-normal hurricanes.

American Red Cross

QBE provides funding to the American Red Cross’ PreResponder campaign, which helps build resilient communities before disasters strike. QBE Foundation supports the American Red Cross’ disaster situational awareness system, RC View, an award-winning geographic information system (GIS) solution that supports real-time emergency service delivery decisions. RC View has been used for disaster operations of all sizes, from home fires to hurricanes, by more than 22,000 Red Cross disaster responders. This GIS solution creates a one-of-a-kind shared operational picture with maps and data visualisations to better position supplies and volunteers at all times. More information on the website.

RC View’s Partner Hub allows American Red Cross teams, plus more than 100 disaster response partners, to analyse external weather data feeds, population composition, hazards, power availability and more, to develop a common operating picture and make better informed decisions in key areas, such as sheltering, supplies and volunteer need.

RC View enables responders to efficiently deliver aid to the most impacted communities with demographic data sources allowing the American Red Cross to tailor shelters and supplies for each community. This assists in understanding which communities need the most long-term care to build resiliency for future disasters.

Our partnership has helped the American Red Cross to constantly evolve RC View to meet the changing disaster response landscape and the need for long-term resilience building in the face of more frequent emergencies.


Support Hong Kong Red Cross response to COVID-19 by providing infection control items to vulnerable groups, offer psychological support to persons in need, provide emergency assistance to the persons under quarantine and disseminate health and hygiene knowledge to the general public through different channels

Providing child friendly spaces and long-term recovery to communities affected by the Australian bushfires.

North America employees have raised funds to support Save The Children in India to promote awareness of handwashing, social distancing and wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including handing out hygiene kits and PPE to families and increasing access to food and psychological support services.

Ensuring families in the Pacific islands and have access to home & hygiene kits, drinking water and school bags in the aftermath of TC Harold and COVID-19.

Reviving livelihoods of people who lost capital due to community quarantine measures, including small payments supporting 80 small businesses such as street food vendors. Providing educational booklets on child protection and resilience and personal protective equipment.  

Providing cash grants and online education access for children and their families in the United Kingdom.

Distributing cash vouchers for essential items and digital devices to vulnerable families in Italy effected by COVID-19.

Ensuring vulnerable families in Spain can buy essential items & receive positive parenting tools so children are protected during COVID-19.

Distributing masks, sanitiser and digital devices in Hong Kong to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the contribution of education.

Our people have been involved in a number of initiatives including:

Red Cross


  • Partnership strategic planning sessions
  • Psychological First Aid Training for QBE staff,
  • Employee led fundraising during Australian Bushfires,
  • Employee giving to American Red Cross,
  • Employee engagement events: World Red Cross Day and UN World Humanitarian Day

Save the Children


  • Partnership strategic planning sessions
  • Supporting Save the Children's Risk Team to build improved security controls
  • QBE is an anchor investor in the first ever Save the Children Impact Investment Fund
  • Employee led fundraising during Australian Bushfires
  • Employee engagement events: UN World Humanitarian Day and Bushfires and COVID-19: Reflections for Corporate Australia event

Extending beyond the partnership model

QBE employees have been involved in sharing their skills and learning from the experience

  • QBE Cyber Security Team worked with Save the Children and developed a plan to upskill
  • Red Cross & QBE Cross-Functional Strategy Workshop
  • QBE AUSPAC Fraud Team - supporting Red Cross assessment of fraudulent bushfire relief applications

Learn more about our disaster relief and resilience partners

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