Report a new Commercial Property claim

You can report your claim any of the following ways:

  1. Contact your agent and they will report the claim on your behalf.
  2. Call 844-723-2524 (844-QBE-CLAIMS); select option #2 to report a new claim and then select option #2 for property claims.
  3. Complete and submit the Property Loss Form below.
  4. Send an email with the loss information outlined below to .
  5. Fax the loss information outlined below to 844-723-2567.

Agents/brokers: you can submit a loss report on your client’s behalf by completing the Property Loss Form below, or emailing a completed ACCORD loss report to or faxing it to 844-723-2567.

Download Property Loss Form

Loss information required to report a new claim via email or fax:

  • Policy number
  • Insured name and address
  • Contact information of the primary contact for the claim
  • Date of loss
  • Description of loss
  • Cause of loss
  • Description of damage
  • Any files/documents you have that are related to the claim (e.g. receipts, photos)

Additional resources

Questions or correspondence on an existing claim?

  • Do you have a question about an existing claim? Call your QBE Claims Professional directly. Or call 844-723-2524 and select option #3 for “questions about an existing claim”.
  • Need to send us a document or file related to an existing claim?
    • Email it to with the claim number in the subject line.
    • Fax it to 866-251-5389 with the claim number in the subject line.