Together we’re making a difference

Premiums4Good is an innovative initiative that sees us invest everyday premiums to make an extraordinary difference to communities across the globe.

Through Premiums4Good, QBE invests a portion of premiums into investments that have additional social or environmental benefits, at no extra cost to you. So, when you choose QBE as your insurer, your premium automatically does some good.

How does Premiums4Good work? 

When customers pay us their insurance premium, we invest that money until we need it to pay claims. 

Through Premiums4Good a portion of those premiums is directed into investments with an additional social objective. These investments include social impact bonds, social bonds, green bonds and infrastructure.

It’s invested towards initiatives that help the environment, like renewable energy and waste conservation projects and social programs that deliver direct, sustainable benefits to vulnerable people like the homeless or at-risk families.

Premiums4Good helps us, together with our customers and partners, make a difference. 

How can you contribute? 

By simply choosing QBE Insurance, you’ll be helping create positive change. Every insurance premium across QBE Australia is contributing to QBE’s global Premiums4Good investment pool. 

In 2019 we're committed to contributing a minimum of A$100 million on behalf of all our customers.

You won’t pay any more for your policy and you’ll still have the same level of cover. The big difference is that you’re helping to create positive change in communities here and around the world.

If your QBE policy is over A$100,000, you can elect to contribute more. Click here to find out more       

If you’re a financial institution partner, you can elect to contribute more. Click here to find out more.    


What are the investments?

Premiums4Good benefits a diverse range of projects that seek to create positive change. From renewable energy initiatives and sustainable infrastructure to social services and programs to support vulnerable people and communities, Premiums4Good makes a positive contribution to communities in Australia and across the globe.

Together, we have invested a diverse range of projects and programs contributing to outcomes like:

  • reducing homelessness and supporting financial equality
  • improving family resilience 
  • reducing the number of children at risk of being removed and placed into foster care
  • improving school performance of vulnerable children and young people
  • reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change
  • creating more sustainable cities

Examples of our local investments include the Aspire Social Impact Bond, which funds the Aspire Program and The Treasury Victoria Corporation Green Bond, which funds 40 different environmental projects.

Aspire Social Impact Bond - The Aspire Program

The Aspire Program is conducted by Hutt Street Centre, an Adelaide-based homelessness services specialist. The Hutt Street Centre partners with community housing providers including Common Ground Adelaide and Unity Housing, to provide a Housing First program for up to 600 people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Treasury Victoria Corporation Green Bond

The Treasury Victoria Corporation Green Bond funds 40 different environmental projects across the state over 5 years including public housing energy efficiency improvements, construction of a renewable energy power station facility and the implementation of a new electrical train system. The bond and the projects it supports, have and continue to, help reduce the production of greenhouse emissions and create a more sustainable Victoria.

How do I find out what else Premiums4Good invests in?

As part of Premiums4Good, QBE ensures a transparent process with comprehensive annual reporting of its investments.

Download our 2018 - 2019 Premiums4Good Investment Impact Report.

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