Housing New Zealand Sustainability Bond

Housing New Zealand Sustainability Bond

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New Zealand  2019  


Public and social housing is vital to the livelihoods of thousands of vulnerable New Zealanders. The Housing New Zealand (HNZ) Ltd Sustainability Bond provides funds to HNZ’s social housing program, addressing growing public housing demand in communities across New Zealand.

HNZ is the largest residential landlord in  New Zealand, housing approximately 185,000 people in its 64,000 properties.  Its portfolio is valued at NZD26.7 billion, making it one of the New Zealand Government’s largest assets. 

Funds invested as part of the bond will be used to construct new, or retrofit existing, social housing– delivering more homes at an accelerated pace for vulnerable New Zealanders. The housing that will be provided will not only provide access to safe, affordable places to live but will also connect at-risk New Zealanders with wrap-around social services which further support their social and economic participation in the  New Zealand community.

Notably, the bond supports environmental outcomes in addition to social ones. By funding energy-efficient housing design and construction, the program is set  to mitigate emissions, water use  and waste – creating greener more sustainable communities.

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"Through its investment in the New Zealand Housing and Sustainability Bond, QBE’s Premiums4Good is helping to  make our vital housing program possible, supporting the accelerated delivery of high quality and environmentally sustainable housing to thousands of  
in-need New Zealanders."

— Matthew Needham, Deputy Chief Executive – Finance  Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities

Case study: HNZ social housing program

Doreen loves her warm, brand new home – it’s a far cry from sleeping in her car and emergency housing, which was where she found herself before moving into her HNZ home.

Following the death of her mother and after escaping an abusive relationship, Doreen and her daughter Tisharn were homeless. The pair were forced to sleep in a car for about three weeks before they found shelter in emergency accommodation for around six months.

Now, the mother and daughter have a permanent, warm, new home.

Doreen is one of 14 people and families to move into brand new units in Eveleyn Couzins Ave, Christchurch, funded by the HNZ social housing program. Doreen’s home is one of 14 two-bedroom units at the location, which opened in July 2018.

“I love it, because it’s my own,” Doreen said. “It just feels really awesome. It’s mine. I won’t have to be homeless or think about anything like that anymore.”

Each of the new two-bedroom units has its own parking space, and careful consideration has been taken with storm and wastewater storage systems.

The new homes complete the second and final part of the complex, joining 23 one-bedroom units and a large common room to connect the units and help foster a thriving and connected community.

More housing like Doreen’s will be funded through the HNZ Sustainability Bond and  part of the HNZ social housing program, with the bond aspiring to help support other New Zealanders like Doreen and her daughter. 

Source: Premiums4Good Investment Impact Report 2018-2019