Stakeholder engagement

As an international business, QBE operates in a range of increasingly complex and dynamic marketplaces. We have a diverse range of stakeholders including customers, investors, employees, regulators, commercial partners and community groups. It is essential that we work closely and transparently with them all.  Our stakeholder engagement is designed to enable us to understand our stakeholders’ unique needs, expectations, perceptions or concerns. This helps us identify risks and opportunities, and gain the insights we need, to ensure our strategy, initiatives, products and services continue to meet our stakeholders’ needs.

We regularly consult with leading industry experts, and our people attend external conferences and events, to stay well-informed of emerging sustainability trends and their potential impact on our business and stakeholders.

It is through engaging with our stakeholders that we seek to foster an orderly and inclusive transition and explore the opportunities to partner for growth through innovative, sustainable and impactful solutions.

Stakeholder engagement helps bring emerging risks, themes and opportunities to our attention, supporting our understanding of evolving community expectations and new opportunities for collaboration. Engagement and feedback from our stakeholders, some of whom are described below, informs our materiality assessment, which shapes our business sustainability priorities moving forward.  

stakeholder engagement chart