Our Global Foundation Committee (GFC) oversees the Foundation and sets its community investment strategy within the context of our group-wide Sustainability Framework. It also monitors activity across our divisions with a long-term focus. The GFC, chaired by our Group Executive Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, reports to the Group Board via the Board Risk & Capital Committee.

Each QBE division has a local Foundation Committee, which works with passionate local employees to engage with charities in their area of operations. These employees work as local Foundation champions, investigating local community needs and facilitating wider employee engagement.

The GFC includes representatives from each of our divisional committees. QBE Foundation funding is centrally allocated across each division by the Group on an annual basis. The activities of the QBE Foundation fall into five categories: charity partnerships, local grants, volunteering, workplace giving and in-kind giving.

Charity partnerships 

Each divisional QBE Foundation Committee assesses partnership applications against the global and divisional strategic objectives, and global eligibility criteria. Each Committee assesses not-for-profit organisations based on their alignment with the Foundation’s vision, requiring these organisations to demonstrate engagement opportunities for local employees and real community impact.

Across our divisions, we work with our partners to establish multi-year partnerships that focus on creating outcomes and impact for the communities in which we operate. We also look for ways to support them via events, fundraising, media advocacy and employee volunteering. You can find out more about some of our charity partners.

Local grants

The QBE Foundation’s local grants program enables our people to support causes or programs they are passionate about within their communities. Employees can apply for a local grant of up to $10,000 for an organisation or charity of their choice, subject to certain eligibility and budget criteria. Employees can also apply for matched funding of up to $5,000 a year for their personal fundraising initiatives.

Workplace giving

Through our workplace giving program, employees can make regular donations to our charity partners from their pre-tax salary.

In-kind giving

Across our divisions, we provide a range of in-kind giving opportunities such as donating used office furniture and offering office space to local charities.