At QBE, our purpose is to enable a more resilient future. As a company operating in the area of risk, we understand the importance of building resilience, so that our cities and communities are prepared for evolving and increasingly severe risks. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Leading Cities and Australian Red Cross Humanitech to deliver the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge – to help find and support entrepreneurs from around the world whose ventures help to make communities more equitable, sustainable, and resilient.  

Last year’s QBE AcceliCITY champions were chosen from over 650 start-ups originating from over 80 countries for their commitment to resilience and sustainability. Winners included specialty track winners Syrinx and Intelligent AI, and grand prize winner it’selectric. 


2024 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge 

We’re looking for technological solutions that could change the world. 

Applicants may be entrepreneurs or start-ups working on technological innovations and solutions that address various complex environmental, social, economic and humanitarian challenges.  

In 2024, we’ve set three challenges, with applications open from 1 – 30 April 2024.

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Primary Challenge 

Our Primary Challenge is open to entrepreneurs around the world whose ventures utilise smart city solutions to address risk, equity, and sustainability in our urban environments. Prizes include:  

  • USD 100,000 toward a pilot project with the winning City of AcceliGOV 
  • USD 25,000 prize for QBE AcceliCITY East People’s Choice winner (Eastern Hemisphere) 
  • USD 25,000 prize for QBE AcceliCITY West People’s Choice winner (Western Hemisphere) 

Breakout challenges 

In addition to our Primary Challenge, this year we are excited to offer two breakout tracks. For these tracks, QBE, Leading Cities and Australian Red Cross Humanitech will look to identify entrepreneurs whose solutions speak to our business focus, as well as our sustainability goals. All breakout track applicants will also be considered for the Primary Challenge.   

Humanitarian Track  

The Humanitarian Track welcomes entries from entrepreneurs, changemakers and innovators around the world who have software solutions, that enable global communities to adapt to climate-related impacts. This track offers an opportunity for participants to find solutions for an Australian Red Cross real-world climate related problem. 

Selected entrepreneurs will be taken through a virtual innovation program, centred around climate adaptation in communities, with the winner receiving a paid pilot in Australia through Australian Red Cross.  

Humanitarian Track participants are automatically entered into the Primary Track for the USD 100,000 pre-paid pilot prize. All programming for the Humanitech Track will align to AEDST time zones.  

Proptech Track (Commercial Property) 

Our Proptech Track is available to entrepreneurs whose innovations provide sustainable, loss mitigation solutions for the Commercial Property sector. We are searching for solutions that will help to identify or minimise potential hazards more quickly, lessen the effects of property damage, decrease business disruption or home evacuation caused by property damage, as well as other creative solutions for property insurance and sustainability.  

Applicants participating in the Track will automatically be entered into the Primary Track for consideration for the USD 100,000 pre-paid pilot prize. All programming for the Proptech Track will align to EST time zones. 

Prizing includes: USD 25,000 for the Proptech Track winner. 

The winner will also receive the additional benefit of customised advisory support from QBE, in applicable areas such as operations, access to data, analytics and advice on use cases from QBE experts, such as QBE Ventures, Underwriting, Actuarial, CAT modelling and Risk. 


The QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge is conducted virtually over several months of intensive and immersive learning and growth. From the unique B2G curriculum, mentoring, and engagements with city leaders to a distinguished panel of global leaders, QBE AcceliCITY propels participants toward greater and faster success. 

In addition to the web-based curriculum (offered in EST and AEDST time zones), publicity, resources, mentorship and support will be provided. Below is a look at the 2023 program timeline. 

April 1-30: Applications Open 
June 3: Semi-finalists announced 
June 11-Sept 8: Accelerator program (web-based curriculum) 
Sept 9-13: Smart-up Week 
Sept 25: Finalist Announcement 
Oct 7-11: Finalist Bootcamp 
Nov 5/6: Final Pitch Event – Winners selected 

For more information please visit QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge.