Building climate resilience

As working remotely for part of the week becomes our ‘new normal’ through a hybrid working model, raising our employees’ awareness of how to reduce their environmental impact at home has become more important than ever.  

In June 2021, we celebrated World Environment Day and World Oceans Day with various activities to engage and connect our employees. Our Malaysian operations organised a series of virtual talks by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) on climate change and we donated 350 mangrove trees to be planted by MNS volunteers to demonstrate our commitment to tackling this issue. We also invited the Australian Energy Foundation to share ideas with our Australia Pacific, Group Head Office and Group Shared Services Centre (GSSC) teams on how to use less energy at home and reduce energy bills and individual impact on the planet. 

The GSSC has also formed Team Verde, a multi-functional working group that aims to promote a more sustainable lifestyle to our employees. An initiative recently launched by Team Verde is the GSSC Sustainability Journal, which takes the form of a Power BI dashboard to help estimate our employees’ carbon footprint. Employees log their estimated usage of energy, water and other resources and it calculates their equivalent CO2 emissions, providing an effective way to encourage a lower carbon footprint.

Across our global operations throughout the year, our established sustainability champion networks continued to run environmental sustainability events and shared information with team members to encourage and inspire them to live a more sustainable lifestyle.